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February 20, 2017 IN A Day in The Life

Ever wondered about the guys and girls behind the beer here at Jack Black? In our new series of posts we’ll introduce you to our team and share some behind the scenes insight on what making beer is all about.


So Dan, what’s your job title and when did you join the JB team? :

I’m a Technical Manager and Brewer. I joined the team in October 2015.

Where did your love for beer start? :

During my varsity days I was introduced to craft beer in Stellenbosch and immediately took a liking to it. Following my studies I worked in automation for a commercial brewery. I decided soon after that I wanted to be part of the team that is actually making the beer.

Tell us what are some of the day-to-day tasks you perform at the brewery? :

My days are pretty busy. Some tasks include;  brewing, filtration, pasteurisation, cleaning of brewing equipment, bottling and maintenance of the brewing equipment.

What’s the most challenging part of your job? :

Finding the time to complete all my necessary tasks every day.

What’s the most satisfying part of your job? :

Enjoying a cold pint that you have been involved in making is incredibly satisfying.

Any hobbies or interest outside of brewing? :

I am an avid golfer, sport follower and cook. You can also find me trail running from time to time.

Watch this space to find out more about our team!