Warren Petersen a.k.a Baked Ink

August 16, 2018 IN Ambassadors

“The body, just like the canvas, provides guidelines, limitations and inspiration for any artistic project. The aim is to create flowing compositions which complement, move and live well on the human form. You can’t take back any move, you need to be bold and certain with every mark, brushstroke or line on skin.”

At first glance Warren is a tattoo artist in a sea of tattoo artists, relatively understated and relatively unassuming. It’s only when you inspect the quality and elaborate detail of his work that you start to understand why he feels that the work should do the talking.

Warren’s background is a collision of traditional fine art with modern street culture, making for provocative and often mythological artworks on ‘living, breathing canvases’. We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with tattoo artists in the past, but Warren stopped us in our tracks, and had us re-think the whole notion of this art form, and the passion and motivation behind the ink.

Over the years Warren’s approached his life with an entrepreneurial spirit. He’s been successful on many levels and continues to create wondrous large scale tattoos in the form of sleeves and full body suits. But it’s his future that’s really excites us. It’s as if he has an inextinguishable guiding light, urging him to pursue what he calls ‘creative living’.

“Creative Living basically means being the artist to your own life, using your own life as the medium. So the philosophy is, finding interesting ways to curate your dream lifestyle… to ultimately pursue a life of self-mastery on the road to becoming the best version of yourself”. 

In a show of further commitment to this ‘creative way of living’ he also refers to his alter ego, Baked Ink. The idea behind the word ‘Baked’ is representative of the creative process; from conceptualisation to execution, with ‘Ink’ honouring the love of both pen and tattoo ink as tools of artistic expression.

Warren’s undoubtedly going to work out a way to flex his creativity across multiple mediums, from illustration, to painting, to food, to music, all with an experiential element that talks to originality. And he wants to inspire others to do the same. He’s determined for the next generation to appreciate, cultivate and master their own creative talents. We can’t wait to see what unfolds and we’re genuinely excited to support him.

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Satori: Nature At Her Finest

August 1, 2018 IN Satori

Rick Wall has been capturing the story of Satori for the better part of the year, building the pieces for his latest project – a film that follows the lives of big wave surfers in Cape Town.

Rick himself is one of these surfers, and the name of the film was inspired by his own experience in the water. ‘Satori’ is an ancient Japanese word used by Buddhists meaning ‘a sudden moment of truth or awakening’ and perfectly captures the film’s narrative, which focuses on the surfers and their connections to each another and the ocean. These otherwise everyday guys have found their Satori moment, and they live by it.

“In a film like this the narrative is not complete without strong passionate characters that help you weave your story” – Rick Wall 

We’re so stoked to be involved with this film – to help facilitate the coming together of these inspiring people, and unlock the rich stories they’ve got to share.

This clip is just a taste of what to expect from the final film. Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for information on its release.


Stuart McConnachie

July 27, 2018 IN Adventure, Ambassadors

We’ve known Stuart for the better part of 25 years and it’s with great pleasure that we welcome him as our next ambassador.

Stu’s upbringing would seem familiar to many of us – camaraderie and competitiveness living side-by-side, excelling at sports, and gazing out the window during class. He was ready to take the next step with a traditional career path – and was stopped in his tracks. Stu contracted jaundice, sapping his energy and sentencing him to many months in hospital.

“Being broken down to your most exposed self, forces you to re-evaluate. Leaving the hospital with so much doubt about the future moulded a sense of new being. It was a chance to begin again”.

Stu realigned his life so that the right things were prioritised. The first of which was regaining his strength by spending time in Newlands forest with his faithful companion Fergus (a scruffy Airdale Terrier). His plan worked, and within a year he miraculously earned a silver medal completing the Comrades Marathon in 7hr25! This was his turning point.


Image Credit: Jared Paisley

“I quit my job and decided to see what would happen. I then saw an ad posted by Nic Bornman (an old school friend) for Ultra Trail Cape Town and I immediately wrote to him. I knew this was my reason, my chance”.

Since then Stu has put in the hard yards, building a community (of all shapes, sizes and speeds!) that love to run in the mountains – from smaller weekly gatherings such as Tuesday Trails with routes ending in an ice cold beer, to events like Ultra Trail Cape Town, which sits firmly on the world stage.


In his spare time, Stu can be found exploring the local wilderness, often with the love of his life, Jasper (his 5yr old son), or with his crew of hardened “Cederbergies,” fast packing through big mountains come rain or shine – bagging peaks, overcoming fears and breathing nothing but pure stoke.


Image Credit: Jared Paisley


Image Credit: Jared Paisley

We’re so honoured to be a part of Stu’s story, and are genuinely inspired by his love of life. He truly lives by Madiba’s words: “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living”.


Image Credit: Jared Paisley


Nic Lamond

June 28, 2018 IN Ambassadors

We’ve known Nic for years.

He remembers our start at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, where we were flogging ice cold Jack Black beers from our wooden barrel at ten Rand a pop. Those were the days!

Nic’s always loved the underdog, and for many years that was us. We were pretty crazy, damn determined, and above all else, we were passionate about our beer – something Nic appreciated and wanted to support, no strings attached. Before we knew it, Nic was on the Masters podium at Cape Epic in baggies and a Jack Black cap. It was awesome to have someone connect with our brand in such a radical way, completely on his own accord. We were stoked!

ARRABELLA, ROBERTSON 25 March 2014 - during stage 2 of the 2014 Absa Cape Epic Mountain Bike stage race from Arabella Wines in Robertson, South Africa on the 25 March 2014 Photo by Gary Perkin/Cape Epic/SPORTZPICS

Stage 2 of the 2014 Absa Cape Epic Mountain Bike stagerace from Arabella Wines in Robertson, South Africa. Image credit: Gary Perkin

Nic knows a thing or two about brands (he’s studied and worked internationally) and instead of choosing the corporate route following post graduate degrees, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to start his own company, Podium Sports, where he’s made a career out of finding and nurturing world-class athletes. A real life Jerry Maguire. A founding trustee of Songo.info, a cycling and education development trust based in Stellenbosch’s Kayamandi township, Nic also looks to give back. The charity strives to improve the lives of children in the area, by providing them with a safe place to play, grow and develop. Watch this space, these guys are doing fantastic work.

With a thorough desire to explore and embrace new cultures and landscapes, Nic’s raced his bike all over the world, covering more countries than we have space to name – but for him, the Cape is still the most rewarding place to get out on two wheels. He’s probably most well known for the more than 400 hours and 11 editions he’s put into the Epic, arguably the world’s toughest mountain bike race. And we hope he doesn’t stop. After all, there will always be ice cold beers at the finish.


Nick Muzik-Stage 4 2018-03-22

Image credit: Nick Muzik

But these days you’ll more than likely find likely find Nic hanging in Noordhoek with his wife Amanda and their 2-year-old son called Sam, who he’s training up to be a World Champion BMXer – no joke, you should see Sam on two wheels! Nic, it’s good to have you on board buddy.

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Image credit: James Puttick

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Pierre de Villiers – “Unoccupied Niches”

June 18, 2018 IN Satori

Director Rick Wall’s Satori is a surf film that focuses on the connection local big wave surfers have to the ocean. At the very height of this connection is what the title of the film suggests, the moment of Satori: “A sudden moment of awakening”.

The clip below is indicative of how Rick peels back the layers of the story, illustrating each character’s pursuit of their own Satori moment. Here we meet one of the film’s colourful characters, true waterman Pierre de Villiers, as he talks about how his continuous quest for his ‘Satori moment’ has led him to what he so perfectly calls ‘Unoccupied Niches’.


“Dungeons was a great time, but it was just a chapter. People always want to know about Dungeons, but actually it was just a step along the way for me. I’m still having those same experiences, but just in different ways out here”.


Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 1.45.19 PM
Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 3.17.43 PM

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