JACK & THE GIANT: A Collaboration of Spirit

September 12, 2019 IN Collaborations

The only thing better than sharing beer with friends is brewing beer with friends and then drinking it together!

It was a great day when our friend Eben, founder at Mad Giant, called to congratulate us on taking the step to move away from single use plastic, as we introduced our new packaging. Mad Giant are pioneers in sustainability, changing their packaging to recycled cardboard back in August 2018. Eben being the forward thinker he is, was keen to share his learnings and we were keen to share ours. That’s what friends do… they help each other out.

After a few chats, it seemed like a no-brainer to develop a kick-ass beer together. The great thing about collaborating with like-minded people is that your physical location is really irrelevant. As many of you know, Mad Giant is situated at 1 Fox Street in downtown Jo’burg, literally in the heart of city… and Jack Black is positioned 1407km away in Cape Town! The teams visited each other, chatted on the phone, via video, via skype, via racing pigeons, and developed a fresh, fruity, crisp, hoppy, insanely delicious beer that is truly all things SPRING!

We can’t wait for you to try this Jack & The Giant Pale Ale and who knows, if you like it enough, we might brew it again next Spring! Because after all, sharing is caring!​

Tasting Notes

A refreshing, juicy style Pale Ale that’s double dry hopped with Mosaic, Yellow Sub and El Dorado. Unfiltered with a bright golden colour, it’s got upfront aromas of pineapple, papaya and citrus fruit. A full textured mouthful leads into a refreshing fruit bomb finish…let’s just say you’ll smash more than one.

If you haven’t seen it, check out the tasting video here:

(Please note quantities are very limited so act fast to avoid disappointment)

On-Tap in CT

Jack Black Tap Room
Beerhouse – Long Street, Cape Town
Banana Jam

On-Tap in Jo’burg

Mad Giant / Urbanologi
Craft Beer Library
Capital Craft Menlo Park
Hops End

In Bottle CT

Jack Black Tap Room
Claremont Liquor City
Roeland Liquours
Biggest Little Beer Shop

In Bottle Jo’Burg

Mad Giant / Urbanologi
Tops Radiokop
Loco Liquour – Blairgowrie
Liquor City – Groenkloof

Cheers to many more collaborations of Craft Beer spirit!

Beer Outbound Photo Competition

September 4, 2019 IN Collaborations, Competitions, Events

Finally, winter is behind us and spring has sprung!

So, it’s with great excitement that we bring you our much loved #BeerOutbound photo competition. This year we have partnered up with our friends from Sealand to bring you some amazing prizes!

We’ll be choosing the top images to showcase at the Jack Black Taproom, with a winner announced at our Beer Outbound Party on Thursday, 17 October 2019. Only this year we have upped the ante and decided to make a bit of a celebration! There will be some great tunes, our epic keg kitchen and some amazing spot prizes.  

The prizes:

1st Prize: Beer-For-A-Year + a Sealand Dune bag + Jack Black Hydroflask + Sealand Frosty Cooler Bag with a combined value of R10000
2nd Prize: A GONE store gift card (to purchase products of your choice, such as portrayed above) + a Jack Black growler + Sealand Totebag + Case of Jack Black Cape Pale Ale valued at R3500
3rd Prize: A Sealand Frosty Cooler bag + Sealand Moon Bag + Case of Jack Black Cape Pale Ale valued at R2000 (Ross not included)

And loads of spot prizes but we will only reveal these on the night!

How to enter:

We want to encourage you to take our beer outside. On a hike, on a camping trip, on a surf adventure, on a forest walk, on a city rooftop, at on outdoor braai – the location’s up to you, so long as it’s outside. The essence of the competition is in the spirit of adventure and good beer. It’s about friendship, getting outbound, and just basically having a great time, outdoors. Whether it’s the top of a mountain peak, or your family campfire, it’s about that moment in time special to you. 

Share your photos on Instagram (Story or Permanent post) using the hashtag #BeerOutbound and tagging Jack Black Beer in the image. 

Get outside, get muddy, get sweaty, do what needs to be done, but above all, have some fun – we can’t wait to see the results!!

Please post your photos before October 6th 12AM to be eligible for the competition.


If your Instagram account is set to private, we won’t be able to see your post. Please feel free to email us your photos to info@jackblackbeer.com

Anti Animal Trafficking x Pint for a Purpose

September 3, 2019 IN Pint for a Purpose

We’ve all seen it; some super dodgy looking character trying to sell a cute puppy with a bandaged foot. What we might not know is this poor cute little puppy is usually stolen and maliciously hurt to pull on your heart strings. It’s a sight all too common, and one that must be stopped. 

Our ambassador Ash Heeger holds this cause close to her heart, and we were thrilled when she linked us up with Anti Animal Trafficking (AAT), a self-funded group of badass volunteers who target the actual trade of these animals.

Ambassador Ash Heeger

The goal of AAT is to prevent the abuse and trafficking of animals from happening in the first place. Together with the authorities, they work to apprehend the illegal hawkers (and hopefully get them incarcerated), confiscate the animal being traded and get the animal some much needed medical attention. The animals will then be shared with the list of foster volunteers and ultimately be given a loving home.

AAT Directors Jo Orr-Bosman and Debbie Howard

AAT need help in the form of donations (predominantly for vet bills) and also they need foster volunteers. For the month of September all proceeds from our Pint for Purpose will go towards this great cause. And who knows, maybe one day soon we’ll even get a brewery dog of our own ; )

On September 28th, we’ll be hosting a Fundraising Launch Day at the Jack Black Taproom, from 10h00 – 16h00. There’ll be live music, our world famous keg kitchen, great beer and some pretty cool raffle prizes from Chommies, Packleader, Lucky & Lou and Skinny Laminx. This is literally a day for the whole family – so come on down and support a good cause!

We are persistent, we are strong, and we are powerful – with your help.

Created for Coolers

August 29, 2019 IN Beers, News

We couldn’t be more stoked to announce our flagship Jack Black’s Brewers Lager is now in a Can! Light, good lookin’, and created for your cooler box, our first Can is here just in time for the change in season.

Cans are lighter, they’re easy to snap out of the recyclable 6-pack clip and they get cold fast, super-fast. It’s the same delicious liquid only now a little more convenient. Those lucky enough to travel know that craft globally is oh-so-often in a Can. So, while it’s taken us a wee while, we’ve finally takin’ the plunge and damn we like the way it feels.

The beer geeks will give you a hundred other reasons as to why Cans rock, but for us, we really just dig how badass they look in a cooler box filled with ice, or a back pack set for an adventure, or in a hand next to the braai! We also really like the way you can drain one, crunch it, and continue on your adventure. Broken glass begone!

Oh, and because you deserve it, the 440ml also comes in with some great value, giving you more delicious liquid for a great price. We’ve got a feeling that the future looks bright for Cans, so grab a 6-pack, get ‘em cold and start fostering your own long term relationship.  

PS – Because re-using is one step up from recycling, if you’re in the area, we encourage you to bring in your gently-used recyclable Can clips in exchange for Jack Black stickers and high fives – where we’ll re-use them, insuring a long life before they make it to the recycling depot.

Jack Black’s Brewing Playlist By Fiancé Knowles

August 23, 2019 IN Music

Fiancé Knowles is an incredible embroidery artist, living in Cape Town, South Africa. Over her three and a half years of focusing on her work full-time, she’s become world-famous, doing work for some incredible names such as David Letterman, Gucci and Nike to name but a few.

Because nothing goes together better than great beer & killer music, Fiancé Knowles put together our very first Jack Black Playlist, filled to the brim with an excellent mix of feel-good Golden Era Hip Hop. So crack open a cold one, hit the play button and check out our interview with this truly amazing artist.

How many years have you been doing embroidery for now and what’s your favourite part about it?

I’ve been doing embroidery full time for 3 1/2 years. It started by accident  in 2010 and became my favourite hobby outside of having a thousand different jobs. It’s always been a gentle indulgence in colour that’s both excites me, and keeps me calm.

You’ve worked with some incredible brands & people. David Letterman, Gucci, Nike, the list goes on. Did you ever imagine in your wildest dreams that this would have happened? What has been your favourite or most mind-blowing project so far?

I never imagined that these things could have happened when I quit my 9-5 and went back to waitressing a few years back, but I did have an inclination that it (and I) had potential to make it something special. I guess everyone feels like that when they find something or someone they love. I’ve worked on so many projects that I treasure, but think the standout was when Adobe commissioned me to work with a Metal Artist in Mexico. We created an embroidery and metal sculpture cross-continents and it’s now at their head office in San Francisco. David Madero became a good friend and I’m still hoping to meet him in person one day.

It’s really amazing to see the power of an app like Instagram to connect people world-wide & give artists a platform. You currently have 125k followers, which is an enormous platform. Do you think that your career would have been possible without this platform?

Definitely not. Instagram has been like a fundamental tool in my kit. I’m really grateful that I was caught in the slip stream of IG in its hay day. I feel like it has changed a lot with algorithms and influencer culture and I imagine it a bit like I was running in the Olympics before they started testing for drugs. Now there are more people, barriers and the competition is tougher. These changes in the last year have grounded me a lot, because I was gearing my work around my audience. It’s reminded me that you have to produce work that is true to you and your growth because you can’t rely on an app, when it can change in an update.

Do you have any advice to give to the aspiring artists out there?

Make the work, be free to share it, let it go and then make more. You will only learn and find answers in the process. Try not to overthink. Lean into the parts that bring you joy because are the things that will help you develop your own style.

Tell us about your playlist, what’s the vibe & when would you listen to it? (While working, hanging out that sort of thing)

My playlist is homage to my favourite music people, the Uppercut crew who put on the Golden Era parties in Cape Town. I’d listen to this whenever I need a pick me up and a shake down.

Have a look at more of Fiancé Knowles’ work on Instagram:


Or check out her website: