Jack Black’s Brewing Playlist By Fiancé Knowles

August 23, 2019 IN Music

Fiancé Knowles is an incredible embroidery artist, living in Cape Town, South Africa. Over her three and a half years of focusing on her work full-time, she’s become world-famous, doing work for some incredible names such as David Letterman, Gucci and Nike to name but a few.

Because nothing goes together better than great beer & killer music, Fiancé Knowles put together our very first Jack Black Playlist, filled to the brim with an excellent mix of feel-good Golden Era Hip Hop. So crack open a cold one, hit the play button and check out our interview with this truly amazing artist.

How many years have you been doing embroidery for now and what’s your favourite part about it?

I’ve been doing embroidery full time for 3 1/2 years. It started by accident  in 2010 and became my favourite hobby outside of having a thousand different jobs. It’s always been a gentle indulgence in colour that’s both excites me, and keeps me calm.

You’ve worked with some incredible brands & people. David Letterman, Gucci, Nike, the list goes on. Did you ever imagine in your wildest dreams that this would have happened? What has been your favourite or most mind-blowing project so far?

I never imagined that these things could have happened when I quit my 9-5 and went back to waitressing a few years back, but I did have an inclination that it (and I) had potential to make it something special. I guess everyone feels like that when they find something or someone they love. I’ve worked on so many projects that I treasure, but think the standout was when Adobe commissioned me to work with a Metal Artist in Mexico. We created an embroidery and metal sculpture cross-continents and it’s now at their head office in San Francisco. David Madero became a good friend and I’m still hoping to meet him in person one day.

It’s really amazing to see the power of an app like Instagram to connect people world-wide & give artists a platform. You currently have 125k followers, which is an enormous platform. Do you think that your career would have been possible without this platform?

Definitely not. Instagram has been like a fundamental tool in my kit. I’m really grateful that I was caught in the slip stream of IG in its hay day. I feel like it has changed a lot with algorithms and influencer culture and I imagine it a bit like I was running in the Olympics before they started testing for drugs. Now there are more people, barriers and the competition is tougher. These changes in the last year have grounded me a lot, because I was gearing my work around my audience. It’s reminded me that you have to produce work that is true to you and your growth because you can’t rely on an app, when it can change in an update.

Do you have any advice to give to the aspiring artists out there?

Make the work, be free to share it, let it go and then make more. You will only learn and find answers in the process. Try not to overthink. Lean into the parts that bring you joy because are the things that will help you develop your own style.

Tell us about your playlist, what’s the vibe & when would you listen to it? (While working, hanging out that sort of thing)

My playlist is homage to my favourite music people, the Uppercut crew who put on the Golden Era parties in Cape Town. I’d listen to this whenever I need a pick me up and a shake down.

Have a look at more of Fiancé Knowles’ work on Instagram:


Or check out her website:



We Love Real Beer!

The We Love Real Beer Festival is back! Ah, the laughs, the memories, the antics. If you’re old enough to remember those original festivals at the Neighbourgoods Market (yup, we see those grey hairs), join us again this year for a throwback to those early days and the crazy ways we use to sell beer – this time at our very own Brewery.

If you hadn’t quite hit the drinking age back in the day – or are new to the craft beer scene – this is a festival not to be missed. Food Trucks, live music, and the original crews manning their beer stands (including us of course), it’s a rare event that’s been a long time coming.

We Love Real Beer was co-founded by &Union and Jack Black to promote a community of Real Beer Lovers. Craft beer has evolved since those early pioneering days, shaping the industry to what it is today. Let’s not forget where we came from, and those early supporters that helped us get here.


  • &UNION
  • CBC


Food Trucks:

  • NOB (Burgers)
  • EEZY EETERY (Curry)
  • Black Beer’d  (Fish & chips)



  • Mono Pony
  • The Stir
  • Cherry Vynil
  • Jambo Africa


Date: Friday 15 Dec 12noon – 10pm

Place: Jack Black Brewery – 10 Brigid Rd, Diep River. Cape Town



Online: R50 and includes a free WLRB glass

Visit: Quicket – We Love Real Beer Fest 2017

At the door: R65

Stay up to date with event info on Facebook.

Image Credit Andrew Brauteseth



Food Truck Friday – 27 JAN 2017

January 17, 2017 IN Events, Festivals, Music


Food Truck Friday will be comin at ya every last Friday of the month in 2017🍻

This time round Tailgate Foods & CosmoCafe will be serving up some delicious grub! We also have Crosscurrent & Stone Jets performing live to keep you grooving whilst sipping on some smooth brews.

Entrance is free of charge.

beers & bands


December 8, 2016 IN Events, Music
We’re celebrating the festive season in style by bringing you a fun filled Friday on DEC 16th!
With some great local and international bands on our line-up you’ll be entertained all day. Music starts at 14:30pm and includes Mono.Pony, Ryan Kidwell, Cherry Vynil & Tom James (UK).
We have some delicious food and great beers on tap to keep you hydrated in the summer heat!
Open 10am – 10pm
For directions click here.
For more info click here.

Open Mic Night

October 13, 2016 IN Events, Music

We’re so excited to announce the start of a series of Open Mic Night events at our Tasting Room.

The events will run every second Thursday starting on the 20th of October 2016. We’ll have 4 acts perform per night and invite 2 of those back to perform  again, together with 2 acts from another Open Mic Night. Out of the 4 final acts performing we’ll invite our favourite act to play a paid show at our Tasting Room.

The aim is to give young up and coming artists a platform to perform live. We’re looking for artists in the following genres, acoustic only: indie rock, folk, classical & blues. Artists can send their applications to JBOPENMICNIGHTS@GMAIL.COM. Please include your name, genre, contact details and any links, videos or recordings of your songs in your email.

We look forward to discovering some amazing talent!