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Satori Film Trailer

November 20, 2018 IN Satori

To have the confidence to overcome your fears, you need to be completely present in the moment. A moment of satori – a glimpse of truth, or sudden moment of awakening.

Satori Film – Rick Wall’s latest project – documents a close-knit crew of surfers with a strong sense of community and mutual trust in one another. They’ve dedicated their lives to the ocean. Their shared passion is riding the huge waves of two surf breaks situated in the Southern peninsula in Cape Town, South Africa – the infamous Dungeons below the sentinel mountain in Hout Bay, and Sunset Reef (1km out to sea off the small seaside village called Kommetjie). While each surfer is surfing these waves for different reasons, the film uncovers their shared connection to the raw beauty of the ocean beneath them.

We’re so stoked to be hosting the public premiere of this film at our very own brewery.


Premiere Details:

Date: Saturday 24 November

Time: Doors open 18:00, film starts at 20:00

Tickets available on Quicket.

Join us as we celebrate our shared love for the ocean.


Check out this blog post for more on our partnership with Satori Film.

Film Credits:

  • Directed by Rick Wall
  • Produced by Rick Wall
  • Creative Concept & Editing by Rick Wall
  • Supervising Editor Paul Speirs
  • Grading by Nic Apostolis
  • Cinematography Sally Low & Rick Wall
  • Original Score by Nic van Reenen
  • Additional Music by Andre Geldenhuys, Simon Kohler & Daniel Lidchi
  • Sound Design & Final Mix by Nic van Reenen
  • Post Production
  • Logo and poster Design by Laura Wall
  • Camera Gear Photohire & Canon RSA
  • Presented by Jack Black’s Brewing Co & Kommetjie Surf Shop
  • In Association with Bos Ice Tea
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Satori: Nature At Her Finest

August 1, 2018 IN Satori

Rick Wall has been capturing the story of Satori for the better part of the year, building the pieces for his latest project – a film that follows the lives of big wave surfers in Cape Town.

Rick himself is one of these surfers, and the name of the film was inspired by his own experience in the water. ‘Satori’ is an ancient Japanese word used by Buddhists meaning ‘a sudden moment of truth or awakening’ and perfectly captures the film’s narrative, which focuses on the surfers and their connections to each another and the ocean. These otherwise everyday guys have found their Satori moment, and they live by it.

“In a film like this the narrative is not complete without strong passionate characters that help you weave your story” – Rick Wall 

We’re so stoked to be involved with this film – to help facilitate the coming together of these inspiring people, and unlock the rich stories they’ve got to share.

This clip is just a taste of what to expect from the final film. Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for information on its release.

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Pierre de Villiers – “Unoccupied Niches”

June 18, 2018 IN Satori

Director Rick Wall’s Satori is a surf film that focuses on the connection local big wave surfers have to the ocean. At the very height of this connection is what the title of the film suggests, the moment of Satori: “A sudden moment of awakening”.

The clip below is indicative of how Rick peels back the layers of the story, illustrating each character’s pursuit of their own Satori moment. Here we meet one of the film’s colourful characters, true waterman Pierre de Villiers, as he talks about how his continuous quest for his ‘Satori moment’ has led him to what he so perfectly calls ‘Unoccupied Niches’.


“Dungeons was a great time, but it was just a chapter. People always want to know about Dungeons, but actually it was just a step along the way for me. I’m still having those same experiences, but just in different ways out here”.


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Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 3.17.43 PM

Read more about our partnership with Satori Film.



An Interview With Filmmaker Richard Wall

June 7, 2018 IN Interviews, Satori

We’ve joined Roddy Torr of Kommetjie Surf Shop in partnering with filmmaker Richard Wall, who’s telling a unique story aptly titled Satori.

Satori is a film that follows the lives of a group of big wave surfers in Cape Town, South Africa. Their passion is riding the huge waves of the South Peninsula at two surf breaks – the infamous Dungeons (below the sentinel mountain in Hout Bay) and Sunset Reef (1km out to sea off the small seaside village of Kommetjie).

We caught up with Richard (Rick, to some) and asked a few questions about the film, its name and the process.

_DSC7130Filmmaker Rick Wall.  Image – James Puttick

Why is the film called Satori?

I’ve been working on the idea for this film for a couple of years now. I haven’t been able to find a name that felt right as this isn’t a quintessential ‘big wave surf’ film. There are so many other underlying characteristics to this film, that to label it a ‘big wave surfing film’ would make it very one dimensional. So I wanted a name that was a bit obscure and would make people who were interested in the subject matter look at it a little deeper, and start to unpack what the name means and how it associates with the characters of the film and their own lives.

I think if you want to achieve something you need to be completely present in that moment. Big wave surfing and the way the characters live their lives out in the ocean and on land is a pure form of this – constantly striving for that moment of harmony, quietness and a thin place in a moment of Satori.

Water_housing_3rd_June.02_09_54_09.Still006Image – Rick Wall

How did the idea for the film come about?

I’m a big wave surfer myself and grew up in Kommetjie. We moved here when I was 10 years old. The ocean and surfing has been my life. I’ve been around these characters for the better part of my life and know them well. Being a filmmaker, you’re always looking for interesting and captivating stories to tell and this story’s been developing in my head for years. The notion and stigmas people have with the ocean and big waves is often one of fear, death and chaos. Yes, it can be this…but if you’re completely present out there, and in harmony with what you are doing, you can find a stillness and beauty that’s something that will stay with you for life – ultimately enriching your thoughts and helping you overcome obstacles or challenges you might endure. This to me is the essence of the film.

_DSC7148Swell spotting from Rick’s deck in Kommetjie.  Image – James Puttick

Where does this story find you in your career?

Last year I completed my short film called The Tour of Ara.  It was a beautiful experience and so far it’s been selected for 8 short film festivals around the world. I think Tour of Ara gave me the confidence to dive straight in to this project and green light the production. This project has already been a very different experience though. The Tour of Ara (which is a cycling experience in the Karoo) spans over 7 days, with a finite start and end date, while Satori will be developed across the big wave season which essentially runs from April to October.

I’m grateful that I’ve partnered with two brands that believe completely in the project and its ideals. As a director you usually have a client and a script, with very clear expectations, but this is different. It’s so refreshing because the only ‘brief’ I have is to stay true to the story and show the characters as they are. These are essentially everyday people who have moulded their lives around surfing waves of consequence. They’re not surfing professionals – they have jobs, wives and kids, and have to wake up in the mornings and go to work like the rest of us! If I don’t show these characters for who they are, and try to put a commercial spin on the narrative, then the film will mean nothing.

Water_housing_3rd_June.02_24_26_03.Still003Image – Richard Wall

Why are the characters so important to the film?

The characters in a story like this are the essence of the film – this is where I build the narrative. People relate to people, not images of huge waves and raw ocean. Yes the huge waves and raw ocean are an integral part of the film, but if I want the viewer to really connect I need to focus on the characters, because they’re what binds the whole story together.

_DSF8188Roddy and Rick.  Image – James Puttick

How do you keep it real?

I believe that my strength lies in the authenticity of the images I capture. If something is captured and told with a sense of credibility, I’m drawn to it. I’ve taken the understanding that if I’m creating something and it’s completely natural and authentic to the situation, and I can combine that with strong imagery, then I can really move people. Being completely present in the moment and then conveying that to an audience on screen is very important to me.

_DSC7108Image: James Puttick

We’re so looking forward to being a part of this story, and watching it unroll and evolve. We’ll be releasing snippets as the surf season progresses, and sharing more on the film premiere. Watch this space!

If you’re interested, check out our blog post for more on Satori.

_DSF8239Image: James Puttick