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Going The Distance

December 18, 2018 IN Pint for a Purpose

We’re smiling from ear to ear to share that The 9 Miles Project have reached their goal – to raise enough money to buy a Quantum kombi and help their kids travel safely to and from their ‘haven’, the Strandfontein clubhouse.

If you didn’t catch our earlier blog post, The 9 Miles Project works with ‘at risk’ youth in coastal informal settlements and aims to provide them with mentorship and support. Based in Strandfontein Pavilion (Cape Town), the project is a refuge for youth who have very few positive role models in their lives. One of their challenges was the commute to and from their haven – the clubhouse. Initiated by like-minded legends Grant Cleghorn (from Gone Outdoor Supply Store) and Patrick Burnett (of Burnett Surfboards), an idea came about to fundraise enough cash to buy 9 Miles a kombi. To make this happen, Patrick worked with 4 of the older kids to make four beautiful, hand crafted wooden surfboards.

Marci’s board was auctioned off at our brewery in November for an incredible R70 000, and Shannon’s Mini Malibu went home with Kirsten Meyer, the lucky raffle winner. ​Both Kenzil’s Single Fin and Faieq’s Fish were sold in a private sale. To top it off, our friends at Wavescape were able to provide a significant contribution from the funds raised for the Wavescape Festival.

Reaching this milestone also brings us to the close of our first Pint for a Purpose – a dedicated tap in our brewery where proceeds go towards a cause in the community that we believe in. We kicked this initiative off with 9 Miles and are humbled to have been a part of their journey – even if just for a fleeting second. We have a restored faith in the goodness, tenacity and generosity of people like Nigel and his team. They are literally ‘going the distance’ every day, every week, every year. After spending some time at their club house and experiencing ‘The Long Walk to Freedom’ first hand, we’re beyond thrilled that those days are now a thing of the past. We encourage everyone to go out and see what they are doing, meet the kids and feel the power of positivity. We’re so thankful for what we’ve learnt, for the friendships we’ve made and for the inspiration gained. We look forward to keeping in touch with the 9 Miles team through our ambassador Matt Bromley – also an ambassador and inspirational leader for these amazing kids.

Jack Black 9 Miles Project

Hanging out at the 9 Miles Club House with our ambassadors Matt Bromley & James Puttick.


The Long Walk to Freedom


Keep an eye out for our next Pint for a Purpose, and support our cause by simply buying a beer.

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