Our Beer Now Looks As Good As It Tastes!

June 26, 2019 IN Beers, Brewery

Brewing great beer is our passion. Since 2007, it’s always been about the beer. The ingredients, the process, the people. Our beer helped forge South Africa’s craft revolution and thanks to our amazing customers, it’s why we’re here today. But to be honest, our packaging just hasn’t done it all justice – so we thought it was about time for a refresh.

And we haven’t held back.

In addition to brand new handcrafted paper labels, we’re stoked to be rolling out premium new cardboard wraps for our 6 packs & 4 packs. Not only do they look great, but by replacing the old shrink wrapping, we’ll save over 6 tonnes of single use plastic annually! Yasssss!

More than anything, we’re thrilled with how our new designs share the stories behind each of our beers.




The beer that started it all – and continues to be the go-to-craft lager. This beer’s got a lot of heritage for us. It’s our flagship beer – the first we brewed way back in 2007, when the words ‘craft beer’ were foreign to most. It’s inspired by prohibition-era lagers – the same style brewed by Bootlegger John “Jack” Black for New York speakeasies during prohibition times. We dig his badass attitude, and his commitment to ensuring the people got what they wanted – great beer.

Our Brewers Lager is an all-round, every day kinda beer. It’s super drinkable and utterly delicious on tap. Any fridge should not be without it.

Brewers Lager




© Nick Muzik

The essence of Cape Town. A hoppy cult classic and outright thirst quencher, brewed in the heart of the Mother City with FRESH mountain-sized bursts of flavor and aromas. This beer is inspired by Cape Town’s unique, easygoing lifestyle and passion for being outside. It’s all of those feels in a bottle.

It’s basically brewed for nature, and tastes really good seconds after an outdoor adventure. As one of the lightest beers in our profile, it’s super sessionable – smash it, it ain’t getting any colder.

CPA copy_crop


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Our secret treasure, our hidden gem, our ode to the deep blue Atlantic. If you’ve tried this beer, you’ll know what we’re talking about. It’s different from the rest. Our take on an old-fashioned beer style. A shakeup on the traditional Weiss & Belgian Wit.

It’s super flavourful with a mellow vibe. It’s the beer you want on a lazy day with your feet up. Think boozy brunches or poolside Sundays. Go ahead, grab one. Try it with a slice of orange. Just taste it. It’s bloody delicious.

A great beer. Unfiltered.

Weiss copy_edit




An ode to the craftsman. Inspired by the craftmanship of the skilled tradesman. A nod to the local butcher, baker and all those who create with care, and believe that the finest ingredients are as important as the love that goes into a product. These are our kin.

This beer’s made in small artisanal batches and perfect for the enlightened beer drinker (if you know, you know). A bang-on balance between malt and hops makes this beer, well… “drop the freakin’ mic” delicious. It’s the perfect meal companion and if it’s not at your favourite restaurant, leave!

Butcherblock copy_edit




The ultimate reward. This is a layered, generous, wholehearted beer, filled with complex character. A truck-load of malt, that’s what we wanted. No excuses. This amber ale is sturdy, strong and dark – like drinking a big old redwood while monster pinecones fall from the sky.

A full throttle ale, here to be savoured, not rushed. It’s flavourful. Intense. Creamy. Smooth. All the good stuff. Everything you want from a beer after a hard day’s work.

Lumberjack copy_edit



For the discoverer. This is a brave, bold, hop-forward beer, created by equally brave, bold adventurers. The “Skeleton Coast” contours the South-West of Africa, a rite of passage for ships bound for India via Cape Town in old days gone by. It’s a unique part of the world – and it’s all about extremes. A deep, treacherous, freezing ocean. Raging storms. Rugged coastlines. Bone dry deserts. Marauding pirates. Death. Mutiny. Sea-faring beasts. A long, perilous journey.

By the time the ships had crossed these “Gates of Hell” the beer had started to turn bad. Over time they realised that adding a f*@k load of hops would preserve the beer – hence the name ‘India Pale Ale’ – a discovery that resulted in one of our favourite beer styles. A powerful beer, not for your average (fair weather) sailor.

Epic journey. Epic beer. Mission accomplished.

Skeleton Coast copy_edit


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This has all been a long time coming. It’s pretty crazy that it’s all finally happening. We’re proud to see our new beers on shelf, and hope you enjoy getting to know each one. The new packs are slowly trickling in to stores, but if you’re impatient to get your hands on them, head over to our brewery in Cape Town and grab a case.

Fricken cheers, you guys!