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April 16, 2018 IN Adventure, News, Videos

Stories are part of our DNA.

Listening to peoples’ stories and sharing our own is how we connect on a day-to-day basis at Jack Black. Richard Wall has been telling stories through film for the better part of 20 years, so when he came to us with the story of Satori, we were all ears.

Satori is a film that follows the lives of a group of big wave surfers in Cape Town, South Africa. Their passion is riding the huge waves of the South Peninsula at two surf breaks – the infamous Dungeons (below the sentinel mountain in Hout Bay) and Sunset Reef (1km out to sea off the small seaside village of Kommetjie).


Image: Anthony Fox

Richard himself is in fact one of these surfers, and derived the name of the film based on his own personal experiences in the water. ‘Satori’ is an ancient Japanese word used by Buddhists meaning ‘sudden truth’ or  ‘sudden moment of awakening’.


 “Having a ringside seat and watching the human condition working with all that power is the greatest show on earth.” – Anthony Fox, photographer.

Satori’s narrative leans away from the dramatic action shots we’re so accustomed to with big wave surf films, focusing rather on the surfers and their connections to each another and the ocean. These otherwise everyday guys have found their Satori moment, and they steer their lives to follow it. The behind the scenes video below of Cass Collier illustrates just that. Cass Collier (along with Ian Armstrong) put South Africa on the world stage by their ‘colossal win’ the 1999 ISA Big Wave World Champs at Mavericks. The clip below shows Cass reminiscing about his introduction to big waves with his dad and how he became hooked on that Satori moment.

Along with Roddy Torr (long term friend of Richard’s and owner of Kommetjie Surf Shop) we’re proud to announce our partnership on this film. We’re so stoked to be able to help facilitate the coming together of these inspiring people, and unlock the rich stories they’ve got to share. The film will be developed over the winter months – we’ll be sharing more  snippets as it moves. Watch this space!

rick and rod

Richard & Roddy, captured by Sean Thompson.


Image: Anthony Fox

Special thanks to Canon SA and Photohire for their generous support.

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