Sibu Magane

July 4, 2019 IN Ambassadors

It’s been over a year since we introduced our first ambassador, and what a cool time we’ve had! Our intentions were to connect with like-minded folks who embody our values and our vision. Those doing extraordinary things and others finding the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary.

Over the last few years we’ve fallen more and more in love with Jozi, and have found more and more excuses to spend our time there.

Enter Sibu Magane.

We first connected with him on the basketball courts of Soweto. Beyond him being an all-round great guy, what really struck a cord with us is his commitment and passion to uplifting the area he grew up in. Growing up in Soweto in the 1980’s, raised by his mother and grandmother, he’s no stranger to challenges, but his narrative is woven with confidence, positivity, and strong family values, and he’s channelled this in to bringing together communities and uplifting youth through sport.


Sibu, Age 3

In the months and years ahead he plans to identify and rehabilitate broken up courts in different areas in order to transform them into safe spaces, and build up a series of tournaments to bring everyone together – such as this month’s Southwest Courtside Day in Soweto.


“Southwest Courtside Day focuses on building the youth through basketball tournaments and Bootcamps sessions in and around Soweto. The tournaments are growing so tremendously, hosting teams from KZN and North-West, creating a really great day out for the whole family”.


We’re inspired by Sibu’s commitment to his roots, and vision for the future. We can’t wait to welcome him to the team, and work some magic together.


Images: James Puttick