He’s a world-class tennis player turned mountain biker turned trail runner turned Jack Black beer ambassador – no joke. His unwavering love for our beer and our story is what planted the seed for us to officially kick off our ambassador program. We were blown over by his unique combination of grit, talent, and passion, connected by our shared love for the outdoors, and humbled by his genuine love for Jack Black.

Pete’s love for our beer is so strong that he travelled to the Pyrenees (a mountain range stretching from Spain to France) with his own Jack Black lager packed in his bags – because there’s nothing better at the finish of a gruelling cycle!

Pete’s no stranger to the focus and dedication needed for hardcore, high endurance sport. He craves the natural joy of it almost as much as he craves the ice cold beery reward at the end of it. But for us Pete is more than his impressive sporting abilities and accomplishments. We dig him because of who he is – one of the most genuine, warm, up-for-anything kinda guys we know.

Nothing could feel more natural or organic than to have Pete flying the flag for us. Welcome to the family Pete!