He’s a self-taught photographer, designer and filmmaker based in Cape Town. Although often out and about missioning on two feet (or two wheels) through some far out place.   

An avid outdoorsman and athlete, Simon never leaves home without his camera and strives to share real stories around the environmental or human condition, that inspire something inside us all. His work focuses on narrative driven content and he continues to quietly explore the union of story, aesthetics and adventure. The approach is an empathetic and immersive one, where authentic connection is made between him and his subject.  

Simon is a strong believer in the power of human connection, would choose a tent over a hotel room any-day and works hard to balance his time spent indoors with an often excessive amount of time exploring the natural world. At JB, we celebrate this kind of approach and dedication to ‘lifting the eyes from the screen’ and getting outdoors.  

We asked Simon for a quote that really spoke to him:  


We couldn’t agree more.  

Welcome to the team Si, were stoked to have you on board.