We’ve all seen it; some super dodgy looking character trying to sell a cute puppy with a bandaged foot. What we might not know is this poor cute little puppy is usually stolen and maliciously hurt to pull on your heart strings. It’s a sight all too common, and one that must be stopped. 

Our ambassador Ash Heeger holds this cause close to her heart, and we were thrilled when she linked us up with Anti Animal Trafficking (AAT), a self-funded group of badass volunteers who target the actual trade of these animals.

Ambassador Ash Heeger

The goal of AAT is to prevent the abuse and trafficking of animals from happening in the first place. Together with the authorities, they work to apprehend the illegal hawkers (and hopefully get them incarcerated), confiscate the animal being traded and get the animal some much needed medical attention. The animals will then be shared with the list of foster volunteers and ultimately be given a loving home.

AAT Directors Jo Orr-Bosman and Debbie Howard

AAT need help in the form of donations (predominantly for vet bills) and also they need foster volunteers. For the month of September all proceeds from our Pint for Purpose will go towards this great cause. And who knows, maybe one day soon we’ll even get a brewery dog of our own ; )

On September 28th, we’ll be hosting a Fundraising Launch Day at the Jack Black Taproom, from 10h00 – 16h00. There’ll be live music, our world famous keg kitchen, great beer and some pretty cool raffle prizes from Chommies, Packleader, Lucky & Lou and Skinny Laminx. This is literally a day for the whole family – so come on down and support a good cause!

We are persistent, we are strong, and we are powerful – with your help.