It’s an unprecedented time for all of us.

Our worlds have been turned upside down. And while most of us are at home trying to get used to the new normal, trying to stay calm, trying to homeschool our kids and trying to re-invent our businesses – there are others who aren’t at home, they’re on the front lines – and they need our help. We’re talking about South Africa’s health care workers – from doctors to nurses and everything in between.

Despite the incredible efforts our country is making to flatten the curve with the 21 day Lockdown, South African doctors need more help. Covid 19 has not yet peaked in South Africa, and we need to be ready. Appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including N95 masks are already in short supply, and the window to purchase enough protective equipment for our front line workers, is narrowing.

But we can help! There’s a Back-A-Buddy campaign started by doctors, for doctors and their colleagues, that is urgently trying to buy masks and protective equipment. If they’re able to reach their target, they’ll be able to pool resources and fulfil an order of 500,000 units, and more.

You can read all about the campaign here, and donate directly via SnapScan from the link on their site:

When we first heard about this campaign on Wednesday morning, we wanted to do more to help spread the word, and assist in the best ways we could drum up. Our incredible team quickly turned around an online shop – something we’ve been wanting for ages – and you can now head over to our website shop (we’ll get fancy later) to help support Jack Black, and contribute to this great cause.

Buy any case of Jack Black beer at a 10% discount, and together we’ll buy an N95 mask for a front line worker. Please note beer is only available for pick after Lockdown.

How does it work?

  1. Head on over to our online shop
  2. Select a case of beer of your choice
  3. Enter the discount code COVID19 for a 10% discount (on an already great price!)
  4. Complete your purchase and await your email proof of payment
  5. Jack Black buys an N95 mask on your behalf
  6. Collect your case of beer at Jack Black Brewery, Cape Town (post-Lockdown)
  7. Enjoy your beer! You’ve supported craft beer, and a great cause!

Last but not least, let’s all remember masks for health care workers aren’t just protecting the folks who are putting their lives on the line every day, but they’re also protecting us, and our loved ones. Without these incredible people, in good health, there’s no one else to support us.

Let’s support the healthcare workers, supporting us.

Yours truly,
The Jack Black Family