We couldn’t be more stoked to announce our flagship Jack Black’s Brewers Lager is now in a Can! Light, good lookin’, and created for your cooler box, our first Can is here just in time for the change in season.

Cans are lighter, they’re easy to snap out of the recyclable 6-pack clip and they get cold fast, super-fast. It’s the same delicious liquid only now a little more convenient. Those lucky enough to travel know that craft globally is oh-so-often in a Can. So, while it’s taken us a wee while, we’ve finally takin’ the plunge and damn we like the way it feels.

The beer geeks will give you a hundred other reasons as to why Cans rock, but for us, we really just dig how badass they look in a cooler box filled with ice, or a back pack set for an adventure, or in a hand next to the braai! We also really like the way you can drain one, crunch it, and continue on your adventure. Broken glass begone!

Oh, and because you deserve it, the 440ml also comes in with some great value, giving you more delicious liquid for a great price. We’ve got a feeling that the future looks bright for Cans, so grab a 6-pack, get ‘em cold and start fostering your own long term relationship.  

PS – Because re-using is one step up from recycling, if you’re in the area, we encourage you to bring in your gently-used recyclable Can clips in exchange for Jack Black stickers and high fives – where we’ll re-use them, insuring a long life before they make it to the recycling depot.