For the first time ever, we’ve brewed Fresh Hop as more of a session style IPA.

What’s this mean? It’s now a more session-able style – meaning you’ll want more than one! Lighter in alcohol with a very clean malt bill – the freshest hops are the star of the show. Golden straw colour with distinct yet balanced aromas of gooseberry, passionfruit and stone fruit – its hoppy goodness will have you coming back for more. This beer is a tribute to our favourite ingredient – that’s right – the almighty hop.

Hops are essentially the flowers of the hop plant and while they can be used in brewing for a host of reasons – from bittering to stabilising – they’re also there for aromas and flavour. Enter our Fresh Hop IPA, where you’ll find absolute deliciousness that really speaks to something special.

Once a year, during a limited window of time where the hop flowers are at their peak, our brewing teams heads up to the Outeniqua Mountain Valley, hand picks the hops, race back to the brewery – and you know the drill from there. They make the best frikken’ beer they can, with that one and only special ingredient.

In past year’s we’ve made this beer a serious bomb, but this year – not only does it taste amazing, but it’ll have you coming back for a second, and maybe a third. It’s lighter, crisper, and super approachable – everything you want from a first class session IPA.

You’ve gotta try it.

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