Our latest Collaboration of Spirit is a wicked artistic piece inspired by our intricate label designs. We roped in artist and all round’ cool guy Elio Moavero who came up with an incredibly versatile design piece.

Here’s what Elio had to say:

JB: Tell us a little bit more about yourself:

Elio: My name’s Elio. I’m a freelance illustrator living and working in Johannesburg. I’m into anything analog and old, summer nights, scratching out art, keeping it real. I dig enjoying yourself and letting everybody else be everybody else and etc. I sing in a band called Painted Flowers, check us out, alright?

JB: Tell us about the inspiration behind this collaboration:

Elio: I wanted to create a bunch of illustrations that sort of captured a “scene”. Not always literally but in feeling and response. Some of the elements were taken from the different beers Jack Black supplies (the axe and bearded skull fella). I just needed all the elements to be different but fit together and be in tune. There’s a real laid back, grungy, drawing outside of the lines, rock n roll flavour to it which I think JB is synonymous with. The black and grey added to this aspect too.

JB: Your favourite Jack Black beer is…

Elio: To be honest I haven’t tasted any others aside from the classic original lager. But goddamn, do I enjoy it. Cold gold, what a treat. – (Don’t worry, we’re working on this…)

Our first use of this epic piece of work can be seen as a limited box artwork, currently available at our Taproom, holding 12 of our delicious Wolves of Winter Oatmeal Stouts!

Keep an eye out for these epic designs to make some appearances throughout other pieces of our brand!

Click here to check out more of Elio’s incredible work!