Here at Jack Black art is one of our brand pillars. We love art and design; we believe that this shines through in our packaging, as well as our history. Since the beginning of Jack Black, we’ve done our best to integrate art throughout the brewery and our taproom.

Many of our Ambassadors pursue creative artistic endeavors, from tattoo to photography and everything in between. Moreover, we simply love the idea of showcasing people that are passionate about what they do; it stands for everything we pursue in our craft beers.

Art connects people to one another, and it’s been said it’s actually the strongest form of communication…and of course, it goes without saying, craft beer is art. It’s more than just a beer.

Raoul Goetze, owner of one of Cape Town’s coolest tattoos shops in the heart of the CBD Palm Black Tattoo, joined us on this collaboration of spirit: Artist Series Growlers.

Hold on… Back up, what’s a growler you ask? Hang tight…

It’s a 1.89 litre re-usable glass container that you can use to fill with beer straight from our taps for enjoyment at home or on the mission. They’re epic & reusable is good for the environment too. They’ve now been printed in a limited release artwork – exclusively available at the Taproom for R130. Stop by, pick one up, fill it with your favorite Jack Black beer straight from the Tap, ride into the sunset & enjoy forever!

There’s more… We’re running a Valentine’s Comp on our socials, so be sure to check it out ASAP if you want to get your hands on a R2000 Palm Black Tattoo Voucher, a limited-release growler, and a year’s worth of fills!