We’re just gonna say it – It’s been a tough couple of months for all the brewers across the country. There’s been ups and downs but our awesome team has marched on through. In early February 2021, there was a shining light of excitement and hope. The go ahead for this year’s Fresh Hop brew. 

It’s become a favourite with the brewers to drive out to the hop farm at the right time, once a year, to harvest whole cone hops and get them back to the brewery for the freshest brew possible. It’s always a team effort that’s always undeniably rewarding.

Our Fresh Hop’s a beer we can get really creative with, every damn year – and that’s what makes it so good.  This year’s batch is just as mouth-watering as the last, and the hops are still the star in this Limited Edition brew. Always made in small batches, so the quantity’s very limited.

This year’s hop is Southern Sublime, and we’ve dialled  down the malt bill a little to make it really shine. The result? A delicious, sessionable and fresh AF hop IPA. Share it with a friends (or don’t!) or serve ice-cold alongside a scrumptious meal – you get the picture. Get in on this one, you won’t be sorry! 

Fresh Hop is currently available for delivery on our Webshop, or for purchase at our Taproom and at a small list of retailers:

You can also grab a fresh pint at our Taproom or at Banana Jam Cafe.