Over the next few months we’ll turn our attention towards the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI). This organisation is close to our hearts, not just because the ocean means so much to us, but because the NSRI represents many of the things we truly love most about our country: people coming together to make our country a safe place to live and enjoy.

In short, the NSRI was formed in 1967 by a few individuals with a love for the ocean and a commitment to help others. Over 50 years later, this commitment has not wavered, and the small group of like-minded individuals has become a family of 41 stations across the country. Each of these volunteers is committed, accountable and super brave.

Equally as impressive is the collective of individuals that helps keep the NSRI afloat. Each and every year, the NSRI needs to raise approximately R150m. Over 90% of that comes from you and me, the individual, that donates anywhere from R25 a month. 

We speak about a Collaboration of Spirit a lot at Jack Black and this is one of the strongest examples to date – we can’t think of any kind of collaboration more important than helping others.

We’re very excited to learn more about this highly effective organisation and support them in any way we can. Perhaps you see yourself as a future fearless sea rescue volunteer, or perhaps rather just someone who’s willing to make a small monthly donation, but at the very least, come down to the taproom and have a Pint for a Purpose, and know that maybe, just maybe, it could help save a life.

Jack Black supports responsible drinking. Don’t drink and swim.