Changing the craft beer


In 2007, fuelled with passion, perseverance, and little else – at a time when the words “craft beer” were foreign to most – founders Ross and Meg McCulloch set out to change the beer landscape in South Africa.

Jack Black’s has since grown to become one of Africa’s most sought after and well-loved craft beers. Today, we’re as passionate about quality as we are our people. We raise a glass to our communities near and far, to those suiting up, gearing up, slowing down and falling forward – we got your back. Because hey, who wouldn’t do it, if not for the sake of a good beer. Cheers!


Our Ambassadors

Ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things.

While their areas of interest are diverse, there are common threads that bind – not only in terms of values, but also how they live their everyday lives. We hope you’ll enjoy watching this space as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing this group together.