This year’s brought a helluva lotta challenges, but it’s also brought some silver linings too. We needed to come up with a new solve for our grain storage, and the Taproom turned out to be the best spot. With the installation of the new tank, came an insane opportunity for some epic artwork.

The Inspiration for the artwork revolved around our Cape Town inspired Cape Pale Ale (CPA) labels – conceptualised and brought to life by the very talented artists, Emma  and Tyler B Murphy.

Tyler is a South African artist living in Cape Town who’s been tattooing since 2001, and painting walls since 1994. In more recent years, he’s been spending time making incredible hand-painted signs. Much of his work is inspired by etchings and scraper board works from years gone by.

Emma is the Director and CCO at MAL ideas4good +  Founder and Chief Creative at THE EMMA SHOW. A spectacle of creativity. Graphic design, Art direction, illustration, writing, art, conceptual thinking, fashion design + and good ’oll tom-foolery. Emma is passionate that through good creativity of Innovative design, functional or non-functional, we can better the lives of others.

“Designers have the very rare privilege to paint a picture of the world for others. It is our responsibility to make sure that picture is always inspiring and damn well looks good!” -Emma