Steeped in history and adorned with memorabilia from yesteryear, the Fireman’s Arms pub has been a favourite for Cape Town locals since its doors opened in 1864. Their location has always been ideal and unique in that it’s easy to miss but also perfectly situated away from the high-rise of the CBD.

Their cosy atmosphere is always inviting, whether it’s bitterly cold or scorching hot outside, they have the perfect ambient interior. Speaking of perfection, they have our Skeleton Coast IPA on tap! Yes, it’s true. They also have the ol’ faithful Brewer’s Lager, which is one of their top sellers. High five to that.

The grub is also top notch. You won’t be disappointed with their man size portions. We had the battered hake and chips, that was just what the doctor ordered. Oh, and the doctor also ordered a second round of beers. Best prescription ever.

For more info visit their website or Facebook page.