Woodstock Liquors has hooked up their Growler Station with our beer, giving you the opportunity to have that “straight from the tap” experience at home.

If you’ve already bought a Growler from our Taproom feel free to take it along, or buy a new one from the counter for R125. Filling up the full 2L will set you back just R90 – it’s a steal, really.

Once you’ve taken your Growler home, follow these tips for keeping your beer fresher for longer:

  • Growlers of beer can stay fresh for several days if left unopened.
  • Once opened, leftover beer will probably be flat within 36 hours.
  • Beer in growlers is susceptible to the same challenges as beers in bottles or cans. Keep your growler away for sunlight, store them cold, and store them upright to avoid leakage.
  • Keeping your growler clean! Aim to rinse and scrub them as soon you’ve polished off their contents, and dry them upside down once cleaned to prevent any lingering moisture.


 Woodstock Liquors can be found at 175 Victoria Rd Cape Town

Contact: 021 447 8830